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Active Membership is for companies that produce, market, provide and sell seeds, and includes Voting Privileges.  Branch locations bearing the same name as the parent business will be listed in the Directory, at no additional cost.

Associate Membership is limited to those companies that produce, market, provide and/or sell products, exclusive of seed.  Associate Members do not vote.

Affiliate Membership is is limited to allied trade associations, non-businesses and/or professional organizations.  Affiliate Members do not vote.

If you are not yet a Member, please start by Registering the Main Company/Contact for the Membership, on this website (you will need a Login to complete the Application - and, it only takes a minute or so).  Then, complete the information requested on this page.  When the application is completed, and the "order" sent, you will get an eMail Confirmation.  There is no cost to apply.  You will only be invoiced if accepted, and you choose to initiate your membership.

If you are already a Texas Seed Trade Association, Active, Associate or Affiliate Member and simply need to update your company and contact information, please login to your account on this website, and complete this form - there is no cost for this service.  If you do not already have an account on this website, please create one before you fill out the form.

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TSTA dues are not deductable as a charitable contribution, but may be deductable as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  A portion of the dues is not deductable and an ordinary and necessary business expense because TSTA actively engages in State and Federal lobbying.  The non-deductable portion of dues for the year 2017 - 2018 is 7%.

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