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INTX Microbials

INTX Microbials, LLC, manufactures a full-line up of legume inoculants, biological growth enhancement products, and water conditioning adjuvants for pesticide tank mixes


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INTX Microbials

200 W. Seymour
P. O. Box 62
Kentland, IN 47951


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INTX Wheat Inoculants


Company Description

Remaining the only full-line inoculant manufacturing company in the United States, INTX offers legume inoculants in most formulations, for any legume crop grown. The INTX product line allows our customers to access INTX as a one-stop-shop for their inoculant needs, helping them to be more efficient with their purchasing decisions. 

Headquartered in Kentland, Indiana INTX is a family run corporation committed to product quality and customer service. We are able to respond to our customer’s unique needs and deliver quality products with fast, personal service. The answers to your questions are just a phone call away. Many companies today are trying to return to the basics, for INTX Microbials, LLC the fact is that we never left them – great products, excellent customer service. 


INTX Soybean Products
  • Soybeans
  • Peanuts
  • Pulse Crops
  • Forage Crops
  • Specialty Species
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Water Adjuvents


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