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The TSTA Foundation, Annual Mark Marley / Bob Cypert Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament

Including the 2019 Inaugural Wendall Howard Hole-in-One Competition

Supporting Agriculture through 13 Scholarships at Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Tarleton State University.


Please select the number of Registrations / Entry Fees you'd like to purchase - there is a selector at the bottom of the page. Enter the names of the players for whom you're registering (for more than 4 players, please add the names in the comments field).  If you have less than a full team of four, and would like to be paired with someone or another group, please enter that in the comments field during checkout, and we will do our best to accommodate.  If you do not enter a preference, we will place you on a team so that you may get to better know some other members.

You may also use this form to sponsor the tournament.  Select the level for which you'd like to sponsor, and you will receive your logo and acknowledgment in the TSTA Newsletter, at the tournament, and on the website.  You may also choose to sponsor one of the two, limited-time-competitions of the tournament or for another amount on the main, sponsorship / donation page.  And this year, in order to spotlight the sponsorships and donations, we will allow you to cast your votes for the school you'd like to see win the 2019 Sponsorship Competition Plaque!  While all donations / sponsorships will still go to the General Fund, you can have the pride of backing the top school - the most donations win!

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